Marketing Genius (Hint: It's Not Marketing)

Genius is Enologix taste quality analytics inside your company. I like to distribute quality analysis to everyone making decisions about vineyard, blend and bottle. So I created an application to do that. My winemaking application focuses people in the company on the traditional style, taste quality and aging potential that supports your higher prices. Now when I am gone, my customers can work logistically, to predict the outcome before conducting the winemaking. Put my genius inside your company for times when your looking to predict bottled wine taste quality. Today.

California wine industry is evolving into a mighty luxury wine producer.

We teach that old school or new school, the most important school understands how the power of brands is linked to the [lands'] quality. Old school is "Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Village". Today's school may be "100-point", "90-point", "85-point."

Marketing Lesson One: The price of American wines is linked to 100-point scores embraced by consumers and buyers.

Task One: Obtain a profit by embracing the consumers’ advocates; all other roads are more costly in every sense. I’ve spoken to my customers’ marketing people; almost every time, it comes down to the quality of the critics’ compliments—100-point scores. New or old school, the most important school understands no marketing department can support higher prices. They can only move boxes.

Marketing Lesson Two: Marketing is not getting more than one deserves; which what wine buyers want to avoid.

Case History: Apple replaces marketing with quality. ‘When you hear marketers talk about Apple, you hear about emotive benefits associated with the brand: the cool design aesthetic, the imagery in the advertising of community evoked by seeing people you respect with Apple products. This glosses over the product's most important trait: quality of the functionality. Using an Apple product feels so natural, so intuitive, and so transparent, that sometimes, even people paid to know what makes products work miss the cause of their addiction to Apple products. It's the natural, intuitive transparency of the technology with the our lives. The superlative product experience comes from an unusual combination of human and technical understanding, and it creates the foundation of all the other positive aspects of the brand.’

Task Two: Obtain a profit by scaling quality.

To scale taste quality in the Napa Valley, wine companies are using our application to distribute taste quality metrics to predict outcomes before making the wine, nothing else makes sense but to embrace Enologix genius.

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