Knowing and Making Quality Wine.

"Someone coming from 1850 in Bordeaux would recognize what we are doing," says Paul Draper, Ridge Vineyards IN Wired Magazine, 2005.

[ 01 ] Appellations have a history of excellence; or not.
[ 02 ]
Vineyard installation effects excellence.
[ 03 ]
Farming pivots around the seasonality.
[ 04 ]
Winemaking pivots around seasonality.
[ 05 ]
Quality grapes equal appellation, vineyard, farm, season.
[ 06 ]
Quality wines are a function of the winemaking.
[ 07 ]
Quality benchmarks, bottle wines, are the standard.
[ 08 ]
Quality supports the price above 1,000 cases.
[ 09 ]
Marketplaces are buying and drinking all the wine.
[ 10 ]
Keep in touch. Consumers define well-made wine.

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